Nikopol Couts: That damn girl, will she ever learn.

So, my keyboard is broken and is a huge pain in the ass. I hope it isn't incredibly lame of me, but I'm really just going to repost an ad I put up a week or so ago, and hope that it goes as well or hopefully better then last time. I've just got a couple of notes to add that I didn't really highlight enough I guess First off, the term curvy doesn't apply to size fives as far as I'm concerned, but most people don't see it that way apparently, so I'll say... I really hate the term BBW but I guess I am one. I'm comfortable with that, you should be too. Second I just turned 19. If you're more then ten years older then me, just... no. I'm mature, yeah. But I want someone I can grow with, and I find that age really does impact things in that realm, no matter the maturity level. Thirdly and most importantly, I'm NOT interested in pursuing anyone. I'm turning my back on a relationship that I was obviously the weaker party in. I'm done waiting for callbacks that don't come, I'm done wondering if I care more then the other person does, or wondering if the other person is even interested anymore. If I tell you to call me and you don't, chances are I'll let it end there. I'm no longer subjecting myself to that bullshit! So basically, if you can pursue me without getting/seeming stalkery, read on! Basically, I'm trying to get out of being very much in love with a guy who absolutely tortures me emotionally by simply not being there AT ALL. I think the only way I can move past it is to distract myself, and I need something really decent to be distracted by! I'm sort of heavy, but pretty from what I hear at least? I'm not vain, idk. Curvy, artistic, new to town. I'm going to spoof up this add later, as right now I'm rushing through it to leave for a job interview... but, it's a Friday and I'm hoping to find someone to meet over the weekend, so bare with me for now. The criteria are as follows Physically I like tall guys over 6 ft, please... for the sake of feeling like the d

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